Friday, April 3, 2009

Every Job You Take

Well, I went to the damn temp agency and let me say these things.

a). It's 2009. It is not 1999, and it's CERTAINLY not 1989, but if you suddenly woke up in the agency's office of Greater Lafayette and took in the decor around you, you would expect to turn on your TV to see footage of David Hasselhoff helping people knock down the Berlin Wall. Unless you were born after 1989, in which case you're probably asking yourself who David Hasselhoff is right now.

Anyway, this wallpaper was probably put up at the time George Bush was taking office, and not the plucky Texan Bush, either. I'm talking about I'm pretty sure this shit came from late 80's Sears. It was turquoise and it was peeling. The carpet, the chairs, the tacky fake plants...good God. And the pictures of their employees of the month...the last time they had a new one was November of 1991....should this be a bad sign?

b) Microsoft Word sucks. They had this flash-based test I had to take that demonstrated my knowledge of Word 2003, and I'm actually suprised at how much stuff I had to think about doing. For the most part, I was pretty fine with the test with the exception of any questions dealing with the formatting, reproduction, coloring, shading, or data-entering of tables. By the time the test was over, I felt luck to be able to READ a table.

To end on a positive, after the interview was over, I had lunch at Red Seven (RedSeven? Red7?), or as I like to call it, the new frou frou oui oui pee pee dee dee bar located in downtown Lafayette across from the currently busted up Riehle Plaza. I have to HIGHLY recommend this place-the atmosphere was so trendy and cool, and while I was there they played no less than three songs by The Police. My burger went down even better to the dulcet tones of Sting, my 3rd husband. This restaurant would be perfect for a date, a business meeting, or an after dark club place (not that I would know, since I'm 19). I then went to the Rich Ladies Thrift Shop (which is actually called Second Glance and is next to Once Upon A Child, Pizza Hut, and the movie theatre) and got some fantastic clothes and accessories.

I've realized that I adore downtown Lafayette! If it was an hour closer to Chicago, I would see no reason to live anywhere else. But it's not, so I do.

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  1. wow, i really really miss lafayette. i loved living downtown. i think it has one of the nicest downtowns of a city that i've ever lived in. that's a weird sentence. lets try again. out of all the cities ive ever lived in, i think lafayette has one of the nicest downtowns. there. speaking of you like forever 21? because they're coming out with a new line for people who don't wear a size 00!! im so excited lol it looks so cute. how do you not know word forwards and back?! im shocked for some reason. well...have they gotten you a job yet? if so, we can forgive them for their jankity decor. love ya!!