Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If You Deep Fry It, They Will Come...

Let's talk about Cheesecake Factory for a moment, okay?

Let's forget that I got screwed over by the Apple Store at Keystone and somehow wound up with a brand new laptop.

Let's forget that I'm in the messy middle of what can't even be described as a "break-up" because it wasn't a "relationship" in the first place.

While we're at it, we're gonna go ahead and forget about the cornucopia of drama that is my family.

For now, we're gonna talk about corn fritters.

I cannot for the life of me understand why the hell Lafayette is not home to a Cheesecake Factory! Yes, I'm sometimes ashamed of my Michael Scott-like love of chain restaurants, but honestly, Cheesecake Factory should barely even count. I could probably go to the place once a week for the rest of my life and never order the same thing. Yesterday, after gorging myself on bread (by the way, God bless restaurants that bring you free bread before the meal), I sampled the lovely deep fried corn fritters, upholding my theory that if you bread it and deep fry it, it will be good. I ate me some salmons and fries and finished with a piece of lemon raspberry cheesecake, and while I had to be rolled out of the booth Violet Beauregard style, the pointing, staring, and threat of legal action was entirely worth it.

This place gets bonus points because they will (and have...) deliver a cheesecake directly to my front door. I'm thinking they should delve into the nightclub industry. They could have a smoky kind of Nu-Bar concept called The Factory...yeah, really I don't care. Just bring Cheesecake Factory to Lafayette. God knows we have every other restaurant known to man.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have two questions that I would like to ask the universe at large, or at least the bloggers that be.

1. Why do electrical devices hate me?
I've been through a mess of cellphones. I'm hard on them. I've come to expect it. You name it, I've done it. Dropped it, lost it, glued it shut, cracked the screen, cracked the outside, cooked it, overcharged it, fried the electrics....the only thing I've never done is drop it in the toilet it.

...that is, until this Saturday, where I reached in and pulled it out of its watery grave. It FREAKED OUT. The thing was completely submerged for about 5 seconds or less before I it out, and it would not stop {VIBRRRRRRATIIIING}. I had to take the battery out to make the damn thing shut up. Well, it was pretty dead. I read online that they recommend putting your phone in dry rice to absorb the water. Grandpa thought that if I put it in silica gel, the stuff they put in shoes that say "DO NOT EAT", and which you can also use in powder form to dry plants, it would dry. Bingo, the things works better than ever after a day in the crap. Go Grandpa.

Meanwhile, my Macbook is trying to commit suicide, won't boot, has a corrupted hard drvie, a CD stuck in the CD drive, and a bad attitude.

Why can't I accomplish things ahead of time?
This has turned into more than procrastination-it's like there's something physically wrong with me that I can't do any quality work on a project until I'm down to the wire. I guess I should have realized that I'm enough of a drama queen that I thrive on pressure, but honestly, for my stomach's sake, I would rather have a paper written a week before. But whenever I sit down to work, unless it's the night before, I just write crap. WTF, life?!

On the bright side, it's less than one month until I travel to Oklahoma to visit my best, oldest friend. TRAVEL!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Every Job You Take

Well, I went to the damn temp agency and let me say these things.

a). It's 2009. It is not 1999, and it's CERTAINLY not 1989, but if you suddenly woke up in the agency's office of Greater Lafayette and took in the decor around you, you would expect to turn on your TV to see footage of David Hasselhoff helping people knock down the Berlin Wall. Unless you were born after 1989, in which case you're probably asking yourself who David Hasselhoff is right now.

Anyway, this wallpaper was probably put up at the time George Bush was taking office, and not the plucky Texan Bush, either. I'm talking about I'm pretty sure this shit came from late 80's Sears. It was turquoise and it was peeling. The carpet, the chairs, the tacky fake plants...good God. And the pictures of their employees of the month...the last time they had a new one was November of 1991....should this be a bad sign?

b) Microsoft Word sucks. They had this flash-based test I had to take that demonstrated my knowledge of Word 2003, and I'm actually suprised at how much stuff I had to think about doing. For the most part, I was pretty fine with the test with the exception of any questions dealing with the formatting, reproduction, coloring, shading, or data-entering of tables. By the time the test was over, I felt luck to be able to READ a table.

To end on a positive, after the interview was over, I had lunch at Red Seven (RedSeven? Red7?), or as I like to call it, the new frou frou oui oui pee pee dee dee bar located in downtown Lafayette across from the currently busted up Riehle Plaza. I have to HIGHLY recommend this place-the atmosphere was so trendy and cool, and while I was there they played no less than three songs by The Police. My burger went down even better to the dulcet tones of Sting, my 3rd husband. This restaurant would be perfect for a date, a business meeting, or an after dark club place (not that I would know, since I'm 19). I then went to the Rich Ladies Thrift Shop (which is actually called Second Glance and is next to Once Upon A Child, Pizza Hut, and the movie theatre) and got some fantastic clothes and accessories.

I've realized that I adore downtown Lafayette! If it was an hour closer to Chicago, I would see no reason to live anywhere else. But it's not, so I do.