Sunday, January 24, 2010

Starting Over-Goals Revisited

Yeah, I know, it's been approximately 27 years since I've updated this thing. Oh well, what can I say? My life happens, I get lazy.

So, one of the very first posts I made on this fantastical blog of love and magic was regarding my goals for the summer. I'm less than proud to report that the moment I committed those thoughts to writing, they flew out of my mind, and for a while there I really lost my way. Maybe it was easier not to blog because I can't lie on this thing. Fingers just won't type the untrue words.

The good news is, I'm willing to try again. That's the real message of the new year. I got into a discussion with this man a few weeks ago about what and what does not constitute a New Year's Resolution, capital "R". But the truth is, I think both of us were missing the point. The NYR isn't about what you decide to do, what not to do, it's not about where it originated, it's not even really about how good you are at sticking to it. The point is that New Year fills us with hope. It's the one time of year that nothing is too shameful, no mountain is too big, no goal seems unattainable. We all feel ambitious about our potential for renewal, and even though the concept of the New Year's Resolution, capital "R" may be silly, the hope it brings isn't.

So that's my goal for the year, bloggers. I'm going to try to be true to myself. I'm going to keep the hope, and realize that just because renewal doesn't always go the way you plan, it doesn't mean you can't try again. I wish all of you luck and my dream is that you all can find that excitement for renewal all year.