Monday, March 23, 2009

All my der will come ter...

With Spring Break and Children of Eden over, and the summer looming on the horizon, I've decided that it's time to set some life goals. That way, come August, I can have a beer (non-alcoholic of course ;) ) and see how spectacularly I have failed.

Not that I hope to fail, but now when I work it out, it will be a nice surprise, right?

1. Figure out the school situation
I left Ball State at the end of the Fall '08 semester, for several reasons that I'll probably write about in a future post, but suffice to say I needed things to come to a halt for a spell. Still reeling, but I think this has turned out to be a good decision for me. I'm not worried about the extra time it's going to take to finish up, I just really needed to think, think, think. Admittedly, I've kept myself pretty busy to avoid doing this, so this really must happen over the summer. Should I go back? When? If not, what am I going to do instead?

Which leads me to...

2. Figure out the perfomance thing
More than one person on more than one occasion has mentioned to me that I should move to the city (New York or Chicago) and audition for things, and then decide what, if anything, I want to go back to school to do. I'm nowhere near being financially ready to do this yet on a permanent basis, but the thought is ever tempting. Even if i don't move, I know it's time to move on from community theatre. Not knocking, it's just I know I want more. Also, I want to get really serious about my songwriting and I need to start figuring out how to do at least semi-regular gigs/performance opportunities/MONEY.

Which segues quite nicely into...

3. Money. Learn how to hold on to. Enough said.

4. Guys

Not so much getting one, but making myself okay with not having one. I have learned recently that I'm not of the friendly-beneficial persuasion. In other words, to me, there is no such thing as "no strings". It doesn't exist. Exploring is fine, but let's not call it what it's not.

5. Weight
Lose it? Maintain it? This is at the bottom of the list for a reason-I'm not really concerned about it, but who doesn't want to fit into a smaller dress size? We'll see what happens. I mean, something's gotta drop if I'm chasing a 5-year-old all summer, right?

This can happen. Absolutely.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Time Out

I live in Indiana. Why Indiana? Not my choice. To get insight on that, you'd have to ask the several, several, SEVERAL generations of Hoosiers that stuck around in the cornfield before I was born. Nonetheless, I'm beginning to come to terms with my Midwestern-ness, if only because it's brought me pie and fried potatoes with onions. This magical potato thing is a dish that should be frozen and sold in cardboard boxes with my grandfather's face on them.

Anyway, I figure if I'm going to be stuck here for a while, I might as well get used to it. I've noticed that most famous people seem to come from "America's Heartland", so I'm learning to think of my life thus far as the background for my first Vanity Fair interview.

Or maybe I'll hold off until the third one and then I can meet Dominick Dunne.